Sunday, June 12, 2005

Been a while, I suck at these things.

Few changes to the car really making progress now! bodywork is taking alot of time.

Battery in boot - better weight dist, and lower in the chassis leaves a hole for oil catch and breather system.

Rewired - now fuses go not the loom, relayed headlights.

Dash removed and relocated behind wheel - wheel and steering tubes to be braced to improve its stiffness as it wobbles a bit.

Lemans type bonnet added - weights 13kilos, metal one was 38kilos

Airdamn being built - lighter than steel unit provides evacution of air to the sides of the car rather than underneath, limiting lift and drag, also provides stability and minor downforce, due to shelved base.

Dellorto DHLA fitted - tested many jets. Best overall performance is defintely on the 30choke with this engine, 32 gives best power from 6500-7000 but at a large expensive in the mid range, 33 is gutless - 30 provides much higher levels of torque below 5000 + pickup is great in all gears, crisp and will spin out to 7000 easy on a flat power curve from 5000, this gets me going well, the 4th gear pickup is great!, this car will be geared long with no concern for off line the perfomance -110mph @ 6100 in 4th and 118 @ 6500 or 123mph @ 6750. So I think this will give best performance for my needs and I can have peak power for longer period in light and aerodynamic car and see 123mph I think it will do it, using 3.63 diff as the power running out at potential maximum speed is reached, perfect. At this time I be up to 6500-7000in 4th in no time and you run out of gears, so 4.11 is telling me 3.63 is needed. More weight reduced quicker it gets to 6500 in 4th...the gears are wasting speed...also its so fast in 2nd your doing 60mph in the blink of an eye with no lag if your over 3500 in the gear when you press so, so gear it up!

Jets best are:

7 tube
190 correctors
47-48idle not 100% yet
7850.3/2 holder
1 venting using 3 hole non emission carbs.

Economy is good and driving is crisp and willing, lively.

There was a very pronouced effect moving from 40mm trumpets to 10mm ones. Really different, a lack of off idle smoothness, noticable rougher, once over 2000though the car is much more eager and crisp...The inlet is long tract on the spitty. I notice the effect instantly, sounds different and drives smoother once out of town...I am very happy with them, I noticed this on my first test with the dellortos running no trumpets.....I find on 40mm at high rpm there is more delay after lifting off and going back on the power, smoothed right out on 10mm's. Like there is much less drag on the tract to the valve.

Fuel line runs in cockpit - safer

Thats it! images to follow.