Friday, January 30, 2009


Circlip for the handbrake, shorten 4 of the tunnel bolts. Finito!

Went over just about everynut and screw in the cabin and engine bay tonite.

Made some clips to fix the wiring core down, made my own, why buy when you can make?! Just some strips of 0.5mm thick alloy bent around a socket with a hole drilled through the ends.

Changed the pump jets in the carbs to backfire versions. 0.38mm

Can't believe it, its done! (bar a couple of bolts here and there that need shortening)

Remaining jobs.

Make crankcase breather pipe, to link the two breather outlets on the engine together and fit an ITG breather filter on the end.

Weld V-Band clamp to manifold. Adjust and weld V-Band clamp to bent exhaust section after alignment (may take hours!). Get silencer outer TIG'ed. Cut off baffle tube from silencer end plates. Source and expand some more baffle tube to make one long baffle together with the existing one, ring weld this to the front end plate and weld two halves of baffle tube together.
Measure up and get a piece of 2.25" tube for the remaining exhaust section, expand one end to slip over bent section and the other end to 67.7mm to slip into the can...I'll reduce my costs by only using 1 v-band connection...

Bolt it all together. Make effort to base jet carbs if needed. Go for MOT.

If it had an exhaust I could drive it now. I could drive it now without an exhaust, but after 2.5years whats the rush.

It'll be mobile in the next few weeks. Then it need that roof doing...

Overdue update

Few last bits.

Incase you didn't hear it? it ran! Started first time! Atleast once I took the new starter apart and resoldered the joints, seemed to be ALOT of impedence? Crap slow turn over. But then the engine is "fresh".

I ran the engine, for about 3mins in 30sec bursts...Video is the 2nd run.

It's not jetted, mapped and running RAW with no exhaust, bar the manifold and a 12" pipe attached and no ECU, stuck 10BTDC timing on EDIS. Also I had no main jets in so it dies with throttle.

I have rejetted, balanced and fiddled with the carbs since and run it again.

I also added the ECU and mapped that, sounded MUCH better! Pretty sweet actually.

I'll upload another video soon.

Dropped my exhaust pipe (drain pipe) off to a local place so they can screw that up for me? I haven't paid them so I will assess the job done on collection, I asked him "have you a mandrel, can you replicate this exactly in 2.25" stainless"...He seemed confident. So if it's crap, I'll grab my drain pipe and walk.

I finished the gearbox tunnel and bolted that in, also the engine bay valances are done.

Basically it'll be on the road once I establish if the exhaust section is any good, get some V-bands and do a few more preflight runs, plus finish the silencer plus get another pipe made up.

Few small jobs left, but nothing taxing.

No my life is NOT suddenly complete. The road is long and hard and still many miles to walk.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tunnel done!

Another god knows how long into this job, it's done!

Just have to sound proof it.

Stuck some oil in the box and bolted down the rear gearbox mount.

I'll use 3M windscreen sealer to seal the box. It stays supple and is easy to clean off.

Have all the hardware needed.
Painted in cellulose and buffed with G3, two coats of carnuba wax, collonite 476S. This stuff is the daddy. I gave my spit 2coats about 6months ago, the surface is STILL like silk and the dust of the garage just blows off. Great wax! You use TripleWAX or TurtleWAX, some tatt from Halfards its feeling rough and just disappears a few weeks later. This stuff is like concrete!
Etched Primed, 4 coats of top coat.

I am relieved this job is done. I must have put 80-90hrs into it! Plus driving about to get materials and welding. It couldn't really be any better.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Bit more work on it tonite.

Almost ready for some paint or powdercoating.

Few last bits of sanding and grinding to do.

Bleedin Heck, must be up to a weeks work by now!
Have to pickup some gearbox oil and sound/heat proofing stuff.

Need to seal a few holes and smooth a few bits with some JB weld.