Friday, July 29, 2005

Wish it was easier to load pictures 8-) as i'd load more, must actually look at it.

Current DHLA jetting on shorter progression setup is.

7850.1 holder
7 tube
150 corrector
35 pump
150 valve
fuel pressure 2.5psi

been like it for a while so must be ok....

about to rebuild the bottom end of it...

Hit 6750 in 4th on my new 3.63 diff....thats 122mph (123.8 without tyre wear), not bad! there was definate 7000 potential even on this shagged engine it was pulling felt 100% stable would be ok at 150 i recon....I did notice at this higher speed the damping would need stiffening, or the springs rates, as planned, also the front with the new airdam felt great but the rear was a little light on a corner...Thats where the new spoiler/wing which is tasteful and small and sits on the end of the bootlid will come into its own....

Blowing up the road to 70 mph @ 7K in 2nd is good fun, now forced into taking roundabout type hairpins in 1st if going all the way round wanting a fast exit, 2nd is too long, but first gives awesome pickup as a useable gear.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

If you want some lightweight doors

email me @ subject Doors.

I see a guy Brian was interested but there is no way to contact me!! Sorry.