Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bit quiet on the car front, can't get my head into it atm, non-smoking related shift in psychology?

Can't get interested in creating anything either?!

Concentrating on Poker playing atm.

Grossed about $1000 in 20days playing, at the lowest stakes, not all profit but most of it is. Not bad from a $50 deposit!

Almost scored another solid final table result last night, 22nd place from 3500 people. Ironically the A7 playing donkey who drew a 7 over my AQ won it...He's $1200 better off! Only brought in for $2.20!

Confidence is growing I can turn a solid living from Poker Tournament playing, but it won't be an overnight thing, but it could be, just waiting for another solid result to boost my bank roll over $1500 and I'll step up to bigger earning buyins.

Even a pro cant expect to win more than 1 in 100/150 tournaments really, finish in a max of 18-25 out of each 100 you enter. I've been holding a level bankroll between results. My $25 deposit has been pegged at $650 for the last week, I've not had any "big" results this week, but that's how it goes, no matter how good you are.

So spending my time on this atm.

Qualified though to all 5 of the Pokerstars $300,000 freeroll finals! Pretty good cause the qualifiers are rockhard.

You can make some massive cash in some of the tournaments, each sunday you can enter the $1,500,000 Sunday Million for $200 and win like $420,000 if you win, even a low finish in the 30's can earn you a "nice" years wage! That's a way off yet, I'd want a $20,000 bank roll to be doing $200 buyins.

Qualified in the Top10 from 416 players and got free entry to the Sunday $250,000 tournament earlier, costs me 0.77cents to qualify :) Field was 26000 players, I finished 819th after getting knocked out on a coin flip when my AQ was beaten by AJ (JJ). I was short stacked anyway, I had to take a gamble. I made two errors playing too conservative, I could have tripled up twice I reckon I could have run on much further. I am still learning all the time I have a solid conservative, calculated game atm, I am trying to introduce more advanced plays and risk stratergies as needed without corrupting my solid game and maths use on each hand.

Sadly only $67 prize :) Top prize was $27000.

I think I am going to sell off my carbs and a few parts, get some Jenvey 42mm DTH (direct to head) throttle bodies, fuel inject the car using Emerald ECU, make the exhaust a 4-2-1. Whenever I get motivated anyways. After doing about 3000miles in it I know what it wants...I need to get all the remaining parts together for the back-end also. Pretty happy with the car, had a storming run along the road from Ledbury to Ross-on-Wye and back the other night, totally flat put. Happy with the front-end,suspension.