Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some progress

Done a few bits, but nothing major. All progress though.

Slung the engine back in, its pretty easy, easier than the triumph lump. No need to remove the radiator etc...

Stuck a few things on to see where things were at with the new bulkhead.

Have to make this gearbox tunnel soon. Thats the hole to fill. It was necessary for clearance issues to angle the passenger side footwell wall out at the top, slightly, the tunnel opening isn't square in this plane. The areas where the seal will run are all flat and square, happy with them should be a totally tight seal.

Been test fitting everything and making adjustments before paint.

Fitted the steering column back in. Had to dril the hole for the steering column, as in above picture. Got it dead right! Rather than the Triumph "seal" rubber sheet with a hole, I will just make the hole a tad bigger and fit an grommet type thing in there.
Drilled a hole for the footrest, which had not been in the car for years.

Dropped the motor back in to check a few things also assess the gearbox tunnel.
The bulkheads come out ok in the end. Hadn't had the motor in since remaking the bulkhead.
Finished off the pedal box welding tonight, just have to get it blasted and painted/powdercoated.

The pedal box is just remains of the triumph stuff hacked up and welded together, why make new when the old will do!...My welding has improved. Need a new mask, a decent one or a new lens you can barely see through it now! It was £6.50.

Got a few things for powder coating will get that done in a job lot.
I found a decent grade bolt that was a tight fit in the pedals and box. I will cut two grooves in this bolt either end to add the standard circlips. Pedals have zero slack, may add some lube facility...
So the bulkhead and pedal adjustments are just about done. I need to move the rear brake line from the passenger side of the chassis to the drivers side and remake the front brake lines...This means it will be neater and the brake pipe and union won't soak up heat from the exhaust which would be right by them...

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