Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Road Legal.

Bar waiting for the V5 or talking to the DVLA about TAX she's legal. MOT'ed!
Can't knock it! It all works, it drives nicely, nothing I would change immediately after doing the other few small tweaks I mentioned before. Few miles of running in to do, then tune it.

Yet to take it over 3500rpm more than once or 60mph...Drives nicely at low speed, good manners, nice in town/traffic, good easy cruising in 5th at 1500rpm...Did move the throttle downward to about 1/2 throttle in 2nd earlier, needs jetting at the top-end, but it moved pretty sharpish from 3000-4500rpm.
Finished off remaining hardware for the other spitfire this afternoon, I'll have another bash at that one this weekend/later in the week...Should see most of it done with another marathon.

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[cerberus]BV said...

That is, without doubt, the nicest Spitfire I have seen. I've really really enjoyed the highs and lows of following this blog. Nice to see someone who shares the frustrations with the audience as well as the highs. (makes much better telly *wink). I know the car working is a great reward for all your effort in this but I want to add my own thanks for sharing and wow, great car!