Saturday, October 08, 2005

Few more pics.

Best ignore the engine, its a spare I ripped from a rusting Dolomite last week. The rest is the same as it was before, I found this water system robust and reliable without tendancy to blow out water or do anything untoward at any time. It can be made out by the blue pipes!

I had the header tank welded up, basically theres the Davis Pump thing and water going out the head to the rad, to the pump and round again, no heater or anything other water things. The header tank pipes run from the top of the rad and just before the Pump. So the pump pipe is under suction and scavages from the header tank, which in term sucks water from the top of the rad into the its a self feeding system quite like the heater system. As any air bubbles end up in the rad at the top, this system self bleeds air into the header tank, where it stays....I tried a few systems and this has been faultless the 1.9 GTi Pug rad isnt the biggest in the world but with my tiny grill hole gives super cooling.

Kept breaking alternator brackets etc....Solution was to drill out the heavy steel alternator mount to 1/2inch, then instead of using a few bolts and lots of complex stuff to hang the alternator like standard, you can simply hang it on one bolt and pack the alternator on with a few washers...anyway much better, also my car is built to come apart easy, this saves pissing about. Also the adjusting arm is rod'end'ed.

The interior, basic, the dash was removed as it served no purpose. A small alloy plate was made and added behind the wheel this gives perfect vision to the dials at all time, rev counter thanks to Bowler sits on the wheel. Need to get a decent seat.

The only seat that fits from measurements is the skinny version of FIA spec Corbeau Sprint Pro, all the rest are hopelessly wide, and those classic bucket things mean you are sitting in the car with your head pressed against the roof. I like the my bottom to be on the floorpan, the bucket gives facility for the lowest position possible, so thats all good. When I got the car the seat was jacked up on homemade mounts, it was way to high, the whole car felt horrid, like I was sat ontop of it!

The current seat is standard but I added some extensions to the front seat frame mount points, so raising the front by 1.5inches and cut off the rear of the frames a bit, so the seat falls lower, this gives a pretty effective bucket seat, with half the wadding removed from the seat base...Also I use a passenger side seat as the drivers seat, the rear is bent in such a way it is more supportive than the drivers?!?!

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