Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latest Developments

Hmm. Moved the cut off switch to the boot, now cable operated on the dash. Rewired a few bits, you see I rewired the car a while back and hadn't finalised it. The main fuses, relays, EWP controller are housed in a box behind the passenger seat. Neat job.

Added an adjustable clevis to the brake master cylinder, so I could adjust the brake pedal up to get a decent heel and toe position...adjusted the layout of the pedals with a lump hammer.

Next job is new rear shocks I hate spax - get the pooped prop sorted out, UJ's have spun in the caps..new flange time.

Retuned the DHLA for this standard engine:

7850.1 holder
7 tube
170 corrector
28chokes (needs 26 really its that shite, 30 baggy, 28 still a bit flat)
1 vent

Engine has no merits over the old one, twas better at every rpm....odd having 2K revs less to play with! doesnt like my gearing either.....

Added a new indicator flasher....added an electric motor to run the washers and replumbed the system with boy racer blue vacuum hose.

Got some rod ends coming to make my adjustable top wishbones..

The AVO have yet to hit the bump stops, amazing how awful the Gaz were. They have 1inch of travel before the stop, ample...rides nicely, but needs more camber, went from 1 deg or so to virtually positive camber after raising the nose 15mm...! Hense the modified wishbones...As I would need 1inch of packers on the bottom wishbone brackets to find 2.5degrees! Also this would make the front track wider than the rear again...

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