Sunday, January 22, 2006

Engine done!

Hooray! Its done.

I spent some time playing pushrods and rocker's.

I wanted to use normal pushrods as a 3 piece failed...But anyway with std ones and the adjusters on the rockers all the way in the pedestals are 4-5mm! off the head.

So I forced again to use chrome moly 3 piece ones shortened to spec. I also need to run two sets of 0.060" spacers uner the rocker pedestals and short rods. This means that the adjusters are screws almost all the way in towards the rocker, which gives more lift than having the adjuster screws downwards more...As the arch of swing stays closer to the rocker arm centre.

After all my fiddling I worked out on paper the TH5 and 1.75 rockers should give 0.492 max lift at the valve provided everything PERFECT. Usually you seem to loose some lift via the adjuster ball position and pushrod length etc..I measured my lift at the valve with a 0.015" tappet gap @ 0.491" which means with the settings I like to run on the tappet gaps I am only loosing 0.001" lift! Dogs Bollocks!

Had to shave the head where the pushrods go through as the tubular pushrods foul the head on 1.75...No bother needed about a 2mm deep by 5mm wide groove cut where each pushrod rubbed.

Respray time now! May give the gearbox a check over also.

I got an alloy rcker cover and moved the vent pipe from the carb side to the dissy side, as I will be removing the dissy to fit 3D ignition, the alloy dissy pedestal will then be cut down and have a plate welded on the top with a pipe outlet...then two neat pipes will run to the 2L catch tank, both on the same side of the engine so giving the least ammount of tubing and excess weight here...

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