Friday, February 17, 2006

Not alot.

Not much happening, hoping to get it off for a respray in the next few weeks...bored of looking at a heap of pieces now.

Just need my uprights machined and some spacers from Mr Bowler to get the CV shafts and roto style suspension on...This will be stage 1 suspension upgrade, I will evalute it and make a decision over the next step, if its needed. That being ditching the rear spring, adding a 2nd raduis arm, or making a top A arm with a wide bush on the upright so copying the spring system, but without the spring, this means adding a coil over with a spring, Be great just to be able to change the ride height for track days etc.

Few pics. Got a nice stash of VP bearings now, Vandervells finest...+10+20+30 big ends and +10 mains..This will be for my next bottomend, or spare engine ready for when this one gets tired, same spec as this one, but might go a bit wild with the cam next time...almost an excess of driveability before.

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