Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Clutch system

Picked up a concentric 1 piece clutch slave cylinder.

It needs a 1inch spacer to bring the unit out to meet the clutch. You can buy these. That leaves 3-4mm before its fully home, so leaving 18-19mm of clutch action to operate the clutch, the unit has 22mm of safe operation.

I will probably need to add a bumpstop on the clutch pedal, adjustable so it doesn't overwork the clutch pressure plate fingers.

I will add a blanking/inspection plate over the release arm hole in the bellhousing with just a hole for the hydraulic line. I will drill a hole through the bellhousing at the top. The line you can see attached to the unit is a 1500 spitfire rear brake line, I will modify this to become a remote bleed point, it will poke out the gearbox tunnel and allow easy bleeding. I can use the clutch line I already have to feed the unit and the original master cylinder...

Hopefully the unit gives a natural decent clutch action. I'll have test run next time the engines out.

No waggly rattly arms and wobbly bearings.....Not that cheap but its a nice neat solution.

Off to get some steel for the front engine mountings tomorrow, will get these made up and ready for welding over Christmas. I have designed them, just need to make them! They will use Jaguar E-type mounts.

Something is brewing.

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