Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About time....

Still not much to report :)No reason for that, just not in the mood for doing anything atm.

I intend to make some rapid progress in the new year.

Got a manifold for some carbs, hopefully it will fit, being a VVC an all.

Usually they are £150+VAT. Ebay turned up trumps for £72. Never one to pay full price for anything unless it cant be avoided!

Hopefully the inclination will be ok too...I assume the angle I have it at is stock fitment angle, otherwise I'll need to get it on a lathe mill and adjust the angle of the face that the carbs sit on...I would then need to tweak the studs, or bend them to suit the modified angle...

We'll see.

I best order a central actuated clutch thing soon and suppose i'll be needing a decent starter motor. Will flog the horrible ford thing that came with the engine.

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