Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gearbox tunnel

Well that time has come.

Being as I REALLY dislike filling, sanding and that nonsense, I may go for the original idea of making an alloy one from 2mm.

I can make a simply make one from 3 pieces of alloy and pop rivet it with 6 pop rivets and tangs to hold it together and get it seam welded by my cousin.So here is a scale model in cardboard.

I was hoping for a smooth and rounded look, however that means making the plug, then vac forming or making a fibreglass one, which could take a weeks work I reckon to get it right. This way I should just be able to get an alloy sheet and get going.
The flat area on the top also gives me room to add some kind of parcel shelf/glovebox on top. Once made I can sort out the steelwork at the back by the handbrake.

The flat area and legs at the bottom running back + vertical front surface can be made from one piece with 3 bends. The side panels can be welded in.

Just makes life easier, cheaper and less hassle. I can have absolute control over the object then too, so it will be quaranteed to fit. Where the vacuum forming may not go as planned.

I could round the back off to an arch but thats extra complication. I can add an inspection hatch for gearbox filling also.

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