Monday, May 05, 2008

More waffling about my waterworks

Okie. Few PRT options.

88°C Cream PCH001190 from LandRover
82°C Grey (lighter springs )PEL500110 from Landrover

Looked reading up the 82C Grey PEL500110 was the one to have.

It will fit more of less like this into the bottom hose. The pipe disappearing off to the passenger side will go to the adapted swirl pot.
Basically just have to weld this tube onto the swirl pot.
These two pipes will meet. Will get another length of alloy tube, bead the ends and run this tube between the PRRT and the swirl pot with two small sections of silicone hose on either end. This works out well looks I will only need to buy the alloy tube and get it beaded (£7.50) I can stuff I already for the rest. Ordered a few small bits to make the other adjustments few JIC blank caps and weld on adaptors.

Note to check the bypass pipe clears the top hose on the apollo tank!

Hopefully thats it then! I can easily plumb the heater in then, 1 outlet on the top water rail, one on the bottom. Blow and Suck.

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