Friday, August 29, 2008

More fluid movement

Wanged some oil in the engine, halfords track day synthetic 5/50w - like water!

This is caterhams motorsport oil, Comma make halfords oils, and Comma make Caterhams fluids, so same stuff...First time I have spent more than £12 on some oil.

Checked all connections cranked the engine over and some moments later 60psi of pressure at cranking speed.

No leaks or issues with the system at this stage. Tappets all filled up in short time, and looks ok.

Just need to add the last of the fuel line (hopefully this weekend) and sort the exhaust, then broom broom, oh and brakes. Need to refit the windscreen, ideally want a new screen, but might just wang the old seal and screen back in...More into saving than frittering atm. This projects not cost me a heap of cash, it's been pretty good value.

My aim was try to limit the expenses related to the engine swap bit to less than the cost of replacing my 1300 with an engine made from parts to give durability...which was about £2500.

With some wheeling and dealing I just about completed this task...also with flogging off all my triumph engine stuff, the actual cost of the engine swap parts, to my pocket, was barely £1000. The other stuff, brakes, suspension, seat, instruments, wiring and stuff I do not class as part of my engine swap, but upgrades just cause I knew what I wanted from where it was...

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