Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well been taking it easy on my car, some small jobs done.

I mocked up an exhaust from some old pieces, a dummy, just taped together.

Basically can get away with just buying two bends of 2.25" 304 stainless and a 800mm straight bit, bit of welding.

Couple of these http://spdexhaust.com/VBK_B.html type connectors to hold it together. These make taking it apart a doddle.

Currently the starting to fit the front-end to Matt's mobile, the space is so tight I need to make use of every centimetre, so I have atleast something to work from I need fit the valances, get the bonnet inplace on hinges. Been looking around for radiators, and parts, but need precise measurements, so will have to await some bonnet hinge brackets and tubes to arrive and get the front-end in place. It's gonne be a total squeeze. I am not quite sure I can resolve the packaging without the front-end inplace, not without a large headache anyways.

Can't really totally finalise much at this stage. I really want to stick the dry sump tank right by the pump, as I need to alter the wheelarch a bit anyway, I could alter the hinge tube layout on that side, moving it more outwards...this means I can stand a tank by the side of a large radiator and buy myself some space...I could make a fancy wheelarch for this side, one that is shaped to the travel of the wheel, lock to lock, so buying maximum space. It's all rather of a headache, hense I need firm stuff to work from.

5litre dry sump tank anyway, a massive one will just mean it takes ages for the oil to warm, ideally maybe best to run a laminova exchanger in place of the oil radiator (cooler). As this simplifies the oil system, packaging. Does away with the need to run a thermostatic oil cooler plate and oil radiator...The laminova being heat exchanger, this means it can warm the oil when its cold and cool it when its hot. It also means a simple loop for the oil system without the need to duct air and find space for a radiator. Warming the oil also means the car can be thrashed quicker from cold etc.

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