Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tunnel done!

Another god knows how long into this job, it's done!

Just have to sound proof it.

Stuck some oil in the box and bolted down the rear gearbox mount.

I'll use 3M windscreen sealer to seal the box. It stays supple and is easy to clean off.

Have all the hardware needed.
Painted in cellulose and buffed with G3, two coats of carnuba wax, collonite 476S. This stuff is the daddy. I gave my spit 2coats about 6months ago, the surface is STILL like silk and the dust of the garage just blows off. Great wax! You use TripleWAX or TurtleWAX, some tatt from Halfards its feeling rough and just disappears a few weeks later. This stuff is like concrete!
Etched Primed, 4 coats of top coat.

I am relieved this job is done. I must have put 80-90hrs into it! Plus driving about to get materials and welding. It couldn't really be any better.

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