Friday, January 30, 2009


Circlip for the handbrake, shorten 4 of the tunnel bolts. Finito!

Went over just about everynut and screw in the cabin and engine bay tonite.

Made some clips to fix the wiring core down, made my own, why buy when you can make?! Just some strips of 0.5mm thick alloy bent around a socket with a hole drilled through the ends.

Changed the pump jets in the carbs to backfire versions. 0.38mm

Can't believe it, its done! (bar a couple of bolts here and there that need shortening)

Remaining jobs.

Make crankcase breather pipe, to link the two breather outlets on the engine together and fit an ITG breather filter on the end.

Weld V-Band clamp to manifold. Adjust and weld V-Band clamp to bent exhaust section after alignment (may take hours!). Get silencer outer TIG'ed. Cut off baffle tube from silencer end plates. Source and expand some more baffle tube to make one long baffle together with the existing one, ring weld this to the front end plate and weld two halves of baffle tube together.
Measure up and get a piece of 2.25" tube for the remaining exhaust section, expand one end to slip over bent section and the other end to 67.7mm to slip into the can...I'll reduce my costs by only using 1 v-band connection...

Bolt it all together. Make effort to base jet carbs if needed. Go for MOT.

If it had an exhaust I could drive it now. I could drive it now without an exhaust, but after 2.5years whats the rush.

It'll be mobile in the next few weeks. Then it need that roof doing...

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