Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Matrix Mode

Another useful logging method in which can display average AFR readings in each cell versus MAP and RPM, some have min of 10 logs per cell and other have up t0 600 or more, so a good average is made.

Image above is more open road slow cruise, hense leaner low down than the image below, but below is a different idle jet setup. The image below has some slow town work and some fast acceleration between, so more green rich readings lower down as slow speed acceleration was dominating and use of the pump jet, lots of pulling off junctions and using idle to 2500 to accelerate. Idle is best at 12.7-12.9 so this dominates at slow speed, once constantly rolling as above it leans off.

Found 7850.1 and 55 idle is now better than my 7850.9/58...I couldnt use 7850.1/55 before as the 5 tube was too delayed...I will testing my hunch as per the other two postings made once my 150 correctors arrive!

So it's important to take readings in context. You'd say it was too rich in the 2nd image, but when your not accelerating its ok as per the first one! or similar, can't be the same as the jetting is different!

Car has been giving me some postive payback lately. I like to make steps forward, clear improvements and developments. Its coming together nicely but the package needs polish in some areas. The rear suspension is miles better now it's lowered, even if the straight line traction is slightly impeeded by the extreme camber, or made the extra power?

Engine is running nicely, nice and smooth at the top you can batter the limiter in 2nd, 3rd and 4th and it feels happy. Cam timing is working well yet I am sure I can squeeze something more from it, but I want to work on this cross jetting before another stab.

Its a pleasure to drive like a granddad just pottering at 1000-2500 rpm...Runs nicely down there, will drive and pickup from 1000rpm in 5th, can slot it into 5th at 25mph, its quiet and smooth. Seems to be doing good gas mileage, excellent when really pottering. Good thing is, once the jetting is done it can only improve more when the ignition gets sorted! I don't think its far out though I worked on it some already.

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