Monday, May 04, 2009


Been a lack of blogging.

No real reason, just been having a quiet period of doing other stuff.

I heard a rumour my car was smashed up, probably started by someone .........We wont go there?!

Well, was fine the other day and unless something fell onto it in the garage? Doubt it.

Well the clutch release fix was top banana. Clutch is 10x lighter can almost push it with your little finger, lightest clutch I have ever had, really smooth, no noise and works really really well. Nice long and progressive bite.

Car has done about 1300miles so far, believe it or not, used it for 2weeks everyday, no problems.

Probably more miles than most of those folks who say my car never leaves the garage :) When it leaves the garage it gets a pounding!

It's currently sat calm while I battle with quiting the fags and getting into shape. Been in a diet of exercise and healthy living. 1month without any smoking. Been pretty easy actually, but had to keep myself to myself and avoid the garage and change my routine. No cars and No Blogging.

I sold my LC-1 Wideband cause I actually sold it for more than I brought it for! So I just waiting to pickup another wideband Lambda unit and finish off the tuning of the engine. To be totally frank I can't seem to crack the jetting, well the last little bit, so I'll have to resort to using technology, I kind of gave up and then quit the fags, thats was a month ago and I've not been near it since. I'd like to get the carbs as good as possible before I make any final judgements on the setup.

I could just about flog the carbs and bits like inlet manifold, fuel pump and stuff and straight swap them to go fuel injected on some jenvey DTH bodies using an Emerald ECU...but first I want to just get the carbs nailed.

I had this sick idea about fitting all the VVC stuff back on, the whole lot and using the stock ECU and to fiddle, I do like to make sure that i've maxed out what I have got first. Not much work, the wiring would take 10x as long as the cam swap etc.

Top-end could be "bigger" over 6600rpm the cam's might be a bit mild...could use some 285's really...I await my final adjustments first could be a bit rich or lean. Need to test some bigger carb chokes too...Again need a wideband first.

Done alot of messing the cam timing also inlet was good, exhaust needed adjustment as it was of open vernier pullies; i was doing road side adjustments in under 2mins per adjustment!

I made a few videos of it driving...

Oh and rear damper is dead, buggered to replace it atm, I want to ditch the entire rear-end, so awaiting the motive on that, diff's had it too, leaking and the entire lot needs sorting....

It works, I'm relieved at that, the next stages will happen whenever I feel like it...

Kind of glad to be out of the Triumph Engine lark...I built 4 stages/4x 1300 engines from 2001-2006 before the final one in 2006, each more powerful than the previous, I had my fill....I maxed out that cast iron stuff...People still often comment I built one engine, blew it up and fitted something else....That's nonsense.

The previous engine to the grey one of 2006 was the best, cause it lasted AGES took a total beating using the car EVERYDAY doing 250-300miles a week... with motorway trips at 6500-7000rpm in top for 2hrs each way. That engine was great had more torque and only slightly less top-end than the grey one, was easier to tune and ran smoother...The +60 overbore was a mistake on the grey one I reckon, +40 MAX is best. The TH5 and TH7 were crap cams, the previous engines FastRoad89 was much better.

That Grey engine pushed the valves, pistons and everything past what had been a reliable system for me...Basically the extra power and rev's pushed those stock valves past what had been a totally reliable setup...I had been using those types of valves for 4 previous builds, well before I frequented any forums.

The next engine needed to be STEEL and full of expensive parts, to make it reliable, either that or step backwards and detune it...whats the use in going backwards? Sideways or Forwards, but never backwards!

Don't forget, I was messing with those Triumph engines WELL before I setup this blog...I have owned this car for 9 years! I was doing ALOT of miles in it for 4 years. Enough to bash up a set of big-ends every 12months, there's only so much cast iron stuff you can take, and core stock gets worse and harder to find each year.

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