Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey, I have a blog...

I have some urges to work on the car but I am not acting on them atm, they are increasing. I've not felt at all creative or arsed to do anything since I quit smoking. However I have been "getting back into" making some stuff the last few weeks but not car related. Feeling a little more normal.

Spent some time this evening looking into what will be needed to remake the exhaust manifold into a longer primary 4-2-1.

Will redo this myself, I am quite confident it's an easy job.

I make my own collectors from tube with the correct convergence angle, around 15degrees the rest if just some angles and extending the existing primaries.

The rear-end needs a LSD so will need to make decision either subaru or ford diff.

Thats the winters jobs hopefully then I can get some track use from it next year and dial in the chassis.

After that it'll just need a decent set of ratios in the gear box and be good to pull the engine, slap in some forged pistons, fuel inject it.

Been using it as everyday transport for 4months :) It's done quite a few miles...

Amazingly i have not needed to put a spanner on it, only bothered to check the oil for the 2nd time the other day.

Had the odd fiddle with the ignition and jetting thats about it.

Want to see what the difference is with another exhaust before I do anything else decision wise.

Could use another caterham manifold was one on fleabay with the silencer this week but went for £175! I got my bare manifold for alot less than that last time. I'd rather not just chop mine as I spent time making it + cash. You never know it could be useful...

I could change the layout at the same time, ditching the sidepipe silencer and running the main pipe down the entire length of the sill instead, closer to it, then kinking around by the rear wheel and heading to a larger silencer under the boot, I can kind of design that into the manifold and use my current silencer.

While the sidepipe might look cool etc it's gonna get ripped off oneday....It makes great dust clouds though when your at 7000rpm and driving really close to a dusty verge :)

It needs the LSD so bad, you can't get the powerdown anywhere if your have any decent lateral load on the tyres.

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