Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bizarre happenings

I had a good blast back from Wales today.

Been making the odd minor adjustment to ignition maps still and jetting, oddly back on some older main jet/tube combos and finding then better with the perfected progression jetting. Fiddling with the cam timing and whatever, but really nothing more than the odd 2mins here and there once a week or so.

The car was loving the cold air today, it was just good.

I lowered the front a while ago, super slammed it. Doesn't work. The top wishbones need the inner pickups raising cause the balljoint is so articulated that it is almost out of travel. Eckk.

Top wishbone has so much rake on it. Plus it gave me 4deg of camber on the front's been interesting to drive.

So I decided i'd done bad and got inspired to handle a spanner for the first time since May.

I needed to remove the alloy spacers from behind the wishbones to get rid of some camber (before using the wishbones! extreme!), raised the front up, checked it all over, dismantled the hubs and had a gander at those, general once over.

Decided to have a crack with some "stock" ish settings and a decent travel allowance on the suspension.

Setup camber at a very gentle 1.2deg neg (car doesn't roll like it used to), setup tracking again to no toe in or out...

Faffed about, started at 8pm, fuck me it's 4am :)

See I dented the underside of my exhaust can a bit at some point, probably the fking great piece of wood I drove over a while back.

Be interesting to see what the front is like now, I want to gather some more info before I take it apart this winter. I'd like to raise the rear a tad also and actually do the tracking this time...It's just too wild over bumps, crazy surfaces with 7deg of negative camber YES 7 DEGREES.

Had a gander at the brakes, great stuff! Discs are just lovely even look no ridges and smooth, pads evenly worn and looking nice, dust is quite low now, great brake kit, always dependable, good amount of feel, pads are not great but I with a set of 1144 or pagid they will be amazing!

That's all.

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Adam New said...

hi, ive just discovered your website and i think its great. im building a k-series mgb (with problems). i love the idea of using the mondeo clutch slave, as i was going to use the burton power coaxial unit. what flywheel and clutch did you use? im finding it hard getting enough info on putting the engine and box together at the mo.
Adam New