Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Annoyance Remedies

Bit sick of the dash reflecting on the windscreen so time to fix it. I've wanted to "sort" the dash anyway as I never really finished it.

Going for a simpe and sleek look.

Also neatens up the corners by the cage. Time to add a little vanity to the car.

Pretty easy work. Couple of bits of alloy, bit of drilling, sanding, cutting. The groups of 3 holes are there to let some warm air from the heater (thats not plumbed in yet) onto the window. Minimalist.

Made it in two parts cause that suited the piece of alloy I had to work with.

Trimmed up.


Just fills over what was an ugly gap. Powder coating on the cage was crap tempted to whip it out and get it done properly once I have done some mods to it.

Kind of impartial looking, that was the idea, not styled as such.
Gotta stick a bit more leatherette on the remaining white bit infront of todays panels.

Quite happy with that...I got an urge to carpet the car again, some of that thin stretchy stuff that you stick on with 3m spray glue. Not to worried about every gram now....Plus it's easy to deal with compared to white paint...

Intend to "finish" off numerous areas of the car like this dash business. Some of the stuff is a bit scrappy still. Plus I actually enjoyed making those panels..Wasted 8hrs on it.


4 wheel alignment said...

i must say that looks alot better. however did younot consider flocking it?

David Powell said...

Yes and I didnt want to!