Saturday, November 21, 2009


The 325lb springs are much better.

Still far from soft.

Suspension has been totally changed in an effort to "calm" down the car :)

Raised the rear by removing the spring block but leaving it on the 2" down uprights holes.

Raised 1/2".

Front end raised a bit to match.

Camber at the back 3.8deg neg on each side (car aint a banana!)

Camber at front 1.4deg neg.

No toe angle at the front.

Adjusted rear toe angle to "more toe-in" setting was 1/32nd of an inch, made it 1 turn more toe-in on the rosejointed track arms.

Been trying to fine-tune the car a bit before more surgery. It got a bit "race" and without a 4cyl boat anchor at the front it's a different animal. I am now trying to find a good allround feel.

Pretty happy with the front-end now. Got alot less wheel movement transfering into chassis and tub movement on the new springs, probably got more grip with the 1.4neg camber over the more extreme levels before. Feels similar at lower steering angles but the lack of camber seems to have improved the grip deeper into the corner/steering angle, like mid corner when you often get understeer in the triumphs, especially 6cyl ones!

I was finding the rear-end a bit nervous with the extra power so I gave it more toe-in, which seems to have chilled it out a bit, especially lifting off and turning or braking and turning.

Best its been by a longshot. Went to extreme, just dawned on me oneday that my first spitfire was probably alot softer and more relaxed to drive.....Now there is no need for rock-hard springs cause it doesnt have an inbuilt handling /problem/imbalance with a 4cyl iron lump.

If the dampers had adjustment on the bump (AVO are just rebound, half the reason racers like 800lbs springs, cause they use shit dampers!) I reckon you run 250lbs springs. Problem is then running out of movement on the balljoint on the top wishbones at extreme bump. Ideally the top-wishbone mounting pivot needs moving upwards 1/2".

Either way a step forward.

Still enjoying occasional blats and not overly keen on taking it off the road yet!

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