Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Engine mounting decisions

Been doing some pondering about the neatest and best way to mount this motor.

I was thinking about from the side of the block...But the mounts would need to be at a very steep angle to meet the chassis rails, also the mounts would be quite low on the engine...

My initial thought about this is the footprint of the mounts would be quite thin in relation to the engine, also low, so it might be inclined to move excessively as the mounts would be so low on the block and not spread out wide?

I can only use the mount holes in the block, so I'm stuck with what I have to work with...The passenger side mount holes are very low...Also it would look a bit Heath Robinson?

As such I have pondered another method which utilise the stock front engine mount, stock engine mounts and locations...

This beings a couple of small issues, the alternator will need to run on the bigger pulley, the alternator will need to be switched for the Lotus/MGF item for it line up here. This may be good news cause to get a trigger wheel on the pulley for megajolt I cannot use the smaller of the two pulleys (the power steering one)...So that will leave the front most of the two pulleys redundent and I can add a trigger wheel over this to fire the Megajolt...The plate I am pondering as seen below would also allow me to mount the crank sensor on it, also the water pump and gives a wide footprint...

Perspex dummy shows my idea. It would be bolted to the engine mount via 4 high tensile bolts..Needs spacing out from the mount 1/2" by using some cut down steel bar pieces with holes drilled through welded onto the back of the plate, to space it out, the high tensile bolts pass through the plate, spacers into the alloy mount then into the block. Should be ok.

This is the neatest and easiest of my ideas, 1 piece and saves buying anything bar steel.

The plate would be one piece with the ends bent 90deg to attach the engine mounts, then I would weld horizontal sections to the top and bottom of the plate which run along its entire length to add strength against forward and rearward twisting...Basically check out the drivers side mount of the standard spitfire engine plate...It would replicate this exactly but the top and bottom horizontal brace sections would span the entire plate in one piece...

I think its best idea....I could make it from alloy too...I need to assess my crank trigger system and few other details before commiting to the idea.

This also leaves a nice space for the exhaust, oil filter, etc etc there is nowt at the side of the engine.

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VitesseEFi said...


Following this with interest - it's looking very good!

Like your idea of a bracket across the front - very neat solution. However I'm a bit concerned that all of the torque reaction has to be taken by that single central bracket on the engine. Looking at earlier pics it looks like that you could brace it by picking up on a couple of the bolt holes on the front of the block sides. 6 mm alloy plate would be the business!