Wednesday, November 29, 2006

K-series musings, 10CR entered...

Still doing nothing on the looking at various products...

I'd imagine once I start the ball rolling things will happen extremely quickly! It'll be done in no time. Cash is my main constraint...I have spent too much time and dollar chasing performance and fun this year as it is..I am saving some pennies atm and intend to waste not 1p on the car, yet.

Once the engine and the gearbox are mounted. I shall just need to remake the bulkhead/paint, make a gearbox tunnel, shorten the prop...Thats the physical installation done. So I am not too worried atm...I guess there is a weeks work there.

Timing the camshafts is a bit of a pig as you need 3 dial gauges and some bolt down plates...DVApower does this for about £30 he's an hour away, so I will probably just stick the engine in the Alfa and take it there. Saves making and buying any gauges...Once you have timed the cams once you can add marks on them and refitting them to another engine or the same one is just a matter of finding TDC and aligning the marks on the pulleys.

Then its just a matter of adding a trigger wheel and a mount/sensor for the Megajolt ignition, wanging some carbs on it, plumbing it up waterwise...I can use my existing wiring loom/fuel system, ignition without a single mod!

First two purchases will be the centrally actuated hydraulic release bearing system seen below and a decent new style starter motor from a caterham.

This plate bolts on in place of the steel nose on the Type9 gearbox, it houses a seal.
You press a release bearing onto this hydraulic slave. You can pack the slave out with an alloy spacer if its too far from the clutch...

A neat solution, saves very tight clearance by the chassis rail with an external slave, or running a cable system...

I sold my excess parts on ebay : VVC mechs for £62, VVC actuator for £22, VVC airbox and manifold/injectors for £72 and the VVC cams for £24....and the MGF dash for £10 £190!

The engine/bellhousing were £450...

The engine now only owes me £260!!

I spent £20 on an exhaust manifold, so far the project owes me £280 for which I have virtually fitted engine and gearbox.


Oh and I sent off an entry for the 10CR (10 Countries Run) today. Will do the event with Spitbang, Steve.A.

Niether of us have working cars atm :) But I entered "The Beast Mk2" on the premise it will be in one piece then, if not we can do it in Steve's car.

I REALLY enjoyed the drive to the Ring and back in the spit, real comfy ride :) ... so should be fun! We can also do some Ring laps if the place is open! hooray!

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