Friday, November 03, 2006

K-series exhausts

I see a few variations in exhaust manifold type. The MGF VVC angles upwards towards the front of the car, not ideal, also its footprint where it meets the downpipe is bigger so it takes up more room. Did a quick bit of ebaying and found a cheapish Rover 200 1.8VVC BRM model manifold that angles back towards the bulkhead a bit...So it looks like it'll just miss the engine mounts that came with the motor...Either way it'll be alot better than the MGF model...I was told they are all the same, but they are not!

All these claggy manifolds are internally welded...So me thinks ring welding the outside then porting the inner pipes to match the gasket is the way forward.

I read that the exhaust system on the FWD cars like rovers is MILES better than the standard elise and MGF, cause the secondary (2-1 bit) can be MUCH longer in the FWD cars and this will be the same in mine, the MGF and Elise has basically a few inches of secondary pipe work where as the FWD cars have a couple of feet...The power gains from a special 4-2-1 are good on an elise or MGF but less improvement on a FWD which came with longer 2nd'ary pipes as standard...

I'll post some pics of things soon, but at this stage there is not alot to show!

Me reckons this manifold will fit...£30 with delivery...Not that cheap but by the time you go a load of breakers, petrol, time, etc its a good buy.

Hopefully it'll miss the starter motor...! Thats the next problem, setting starter motors on fire...? Have to make a heat shield.

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