Thursday, March 29, 2007

Couple more bits - pricing of conversion.

Be a shame to break tradition and pay full price anything.

Got a Piper cambelt, wide version for £19 - £42 normally :)

Got some OE spec head studs, need swapping each time, stretchers...£19 - £54 retail.

So far my costs have been:

£160 Clutch system
£40 exhaust silencer
£90 Manifold
£330 cam kit
£240 engine, bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, spigot bush (sold £210 worth of stuff that I didn't need from it £450 paid in total)
£16 engine mounts
£12.50 water pipe
£79 inlet manifold
£36 trumpets
£15 in steel
£30 in small parts


Another £400 in bits left me thinks.

If it wasn't ebay that lot would have cost over double I reckon.

Still acquiring parts. I am not doing anything till all the elements in the equation are gathered. I think a two week binge should surfice, bar the bulkhead/tunnel its all just related to attaching stuff to the engine and turning the key.

K-series conversion = doddle. You could do one in a couple of weeks in the evenings I reckon if you had all the parts.

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