Sunday, March 04, 2007

Most funky !!

Very happy with the end result!

Rare I am very happy with stuff I do, but this is a real gem if I do say so!

Almost looks meant to be to me!
Barely sticks out.
4.25" of ground clearance.
Rubber mounting pad inplace, 3 bolts fixing it, the silencer is rock steady, there is now a 3mm thick alloy plate on the inside of the wing too, shaped to hug its form.

The most simple engineering is always the best. I could have ended up with big nasty ugly bracket affair or some old mess, but this looks meant to be, can it be any neater?!! Kicks the arse of a Caterham mount which falls apart regularly, wobbles all over the place and uses 1 single small mount rubber like a non-overdrive gearbox one...which splits alot.

Best warn passengers about leg burns! Although the roll cage door bar makes you naturally cock your leg outwards it touches the door skin.

Sweet! Jag needs some major hours next week so will see what pans out next weekend. I estimate there is 2 solid weeks work left in it.

Should be VERY fast. I drove a Sylvia Striker with a 150HP Zetec, I guess it was 80kilos less weight than the spit, even with the lighter engine (50kilos! less than Zetec), but the Spit should have 25HP more...That Striker was mental, nearest to a motorbike I have been in, you just aimed it at a straight and grabbed gears, you couldn't lift yourself out the seat even under 4th gear accleration :) :)

Oh I also note the nose is sticking up in the air alot more than it was...There is not much left to add in the engine bay really and the bonnet has little effect being only 17kilos fully fitted. Thats a good sign! Needs to drop an inch!

Must be because the engine is so far back, might also have something to do with the fact a standard 1300 is 125kilos, and my K is 85kilos without the carbs and the 1400 flywheel fitted.


SteveA said...

Looking good Dave, are you going to have to fit a shield over the top of the exhaust when you next go in for a MOT?
I have a feeling that most MOT test stations would not be happy about an un-guarded low exhaust pipe, passer bys burning themselves etc.


David Powell said...

The MOT guy I usually use mentioned it...I can make one sure, then take off straight after!

Or just take it to another bloke I know who has a liberal stance towards these things. Bikes don't have shields they park at an angle, skim between traffic etc so its a stupid requirement if needed for an MOT, imo of course.