Friday, March 09, 2007

Isn't YouTube fascinating....

Great tool for knowledge you simply cannot obtain elsewhere, snippets can be pieced together, odd ball reports, the internet is a wondeful thing.

Without it I fear for many things...Its really a tool of the people.

I wonder how long we can hold onto the Internet freedom we have...

I find it disturbing some of the information on Youtube is being removed "due to violation of service"...

I noted this trend a short while back there were 100's of videos of bombs (IED's) blowing up US soliders and convoys, painting a pretty accurate picture of why there are US deaths each day...and what not.

A few weeks ago this was- since these have all been removed, none were graphic, the ones left are now US soliders de-arming IED's not being hit with them...

You cannot escape the current war on freedom anywhere it seems...

I wonder which politician is lining Yahoo-Youtube's pockets? These videos do not specifically break terms of use.

There was a guy called "Halifaxion" on Youtube who had hundreds of videos about the New World Order etc.

Makes for great watching I like to flex my mind.

I make no bounds I dispise the current US government...Did from the election in 2000.

If you research these subjects and I mean REALLY research them, not just a quick bit of dabbling but some serious late night reading, you find all sorts of things.

Without the internet we would live in a world without any answers.

This "Halifaxion" bloke has been removed from Youtube today, he had no Porn etc etc...He simply had videos about things, ones you don't see on BBC, ABC, CBN, Fox etc (controlled media) information classed as sensitive in a policestate? Information with a global audience.

I find that quite disturbing...Most of his videos had up to 500,000 hits...Quite a tool of information.

Maybe his videos were so popular they were using all of Youtube's bandwidth?!

Freeworld?! Sorry for the politics, I feel I must do my bit! We can't all sit back like battery hens and cluck eh?!

We live in a world of complete and utter apathy...

Before we know it we're gonna be f*******.

UPDATE: Seems someother users have no been removed!! "Operation Northwoods" info is easily obtained on yahoo it was de-classified a while back, as is information about "NORAD" and what was cooking at 8.30am 9/11/01

Nothing to report on the Spitty :)


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