Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good things come to those who hunt ebay

I needed some more of these for when I fix the laminova oil cooler on and or apollo tank.

Came in 3 lots from ebay. I brought the whole lot as I can resell some of them, reducing the cost to nothing.

Above are some JIC-12 sized ones I don't need, but for £23 can you afford not to buy them? Lets say the two kinked items at the top are £36 each, the blanker is £12, the straight one is £17...push on one about £23!

Above are the ones I need...JIC-10...£125 worth.

This little thing is an antidrain flapper. Quite important with the apollo tank? but not fitted at caterham...Basically I'll stick this in the return line to the oil block from the exterior oiling system, it will stop ALL oil returning to the sump from the apollo and oil filter etc after the engine is switched off, it opens with about 1psi of pressure and allows 100% flow. The apollo tank takes like 3L of oil, so it'll save filling it when the engine is started? I hadn't really given that much thought, the oil filter should stop the empty effect or drainback due the valve in it, but we all know how good they can be, and thats not woth 3L of oil above it? Caterham just use an oil take off plate and wang the apollo on it... So surely this is even better...

This item is worth £75, it cost me £12 :)

Oh the whole lot of connectors and goodridge parts cost me £68! There is over £300 worth of parts there.

All items are brand new.

Still no smoking. Easy as pie.

My only large cravings come after I have been cycling and I just get back, cause thats the best smoke I ever had! Also if my stress gets up...

Been out for 2hrs this afternoon cycling, over 20miles of climbing and decending, climbed the Malvern hills and rode some quiet lanes...Starting to feel some power returning to my legs and they are bulking up again, they ache and are stiff as there is some serious muscle growth going down...Also heavier than I have been for a few years :) Thats probably my leg muscles growing...57kilos now :) 9 stone! Fat bastard. Seems the mass is going on the right bits :) My shoulders also ache a bit.


Jony said...

bloomin heck dave!!! cant be puttin on all this wieght! youve spent hundreds of hours just to shave off a few grams and now your turnin into beefcake 3000! ;) owell youll just have to hand it over to me ;) all 7stone of me haha

David Powell said...

Aaaagggaaagggaaa Best start eating pure spinach eh!?!

If we do this CT Karting thing you can be on my team! Just hope its not too windy, you might get blown away...I can always tie a bit of rope to you and fly you like a kite?