Friday, August 24, 2007


Went hunting for one of those heat exchangers at lunchtime, no joy.

Spend the evening trying to sort a mates Porsche Spyder replica, couldn't find the problem, Alfa motor, misfiring and running like shit. Needed more indepth equipment.

Not much progress on anything atm.

Haven't smoked any cigs for 2 days. I must say its been a piece of piss so far. Been trying to take it easy and whatever - been out cycling to boost my dopamine and feel good hormone levels. Avoiding any stress atm I gpt a bit tetchy when the Porsche left - hadn't factored in the annoyance to my schedule...But real easy so far, infact I haven't had any real desire or compulsion to smoke, the odd small craving but nothing heavy...No physical symptoms or anything, feel perfectly normal...

I tested my blood pressure a few times, which was usually 110-120/70 ish...which is low anyway! Its reduced a bit - nearly too low :) 100/60 or 95/55...It should be 100 plus your age for the first number ~(systolic) so 129 for me...Hopefully it won't go any lower, I might drop dead :) BP was only 115-71 after I got back from cycling with a 130BPM heartbeat.

I intend a daily cycling routine and will note any changes. I expect in a short while to start hacking up crap as my lungs alveoli start to function better.

Usually start my day with a cig and espresso, didn't really miss that both days.

Considering I have smoked everyday for about 13years, albeit never super heavily you'd expect it to be hard? I tried in the past but it seemed hard, cause I don't think I actually wanted to quit and smoked regular cigarette, prerolled, which are PUMPED full of ammonia, which makes nicotine MUCH more powerful...As a roll-up only smoker its been MUCH easier?

For whatever reason I seem to want to quit atm...I just smoked a cigarette with my coffee in the morning two days ago, said thats enough and threw my smokes away...Easy!. I do things when I enjoy them and stop when I don't. Just stopped enjoying smoking...I always enjoyed it. Stopped enjoying it in any way, so I think thats made it easier.

If it remains this easy and I quit for good I'll be forced to call anyone moaning about quitting a pussy!

No gum, patches or nonsense...You want to QUIT a substance you must QUIT it...period, full stop, cold turkey...No use still taking it in other forms, cause you never beat the addiction till you stop the gum etc...Gum just makes people money....Its makes the nicotine withdrawal worse I reckon...After 4 days your body is free of nicotine going cold turkey, make it past day3-4 your home and dry with some will power...Thats is, your brain will re-programme itself in a few more days and weeks, your all done.

Hope I am not too confident, but its been a REALLY easy ride so far, considering its meant to be more addictive than herion and crack...Must be really easy to quit them!

I have tried and failed before, but the timing was never right. The time is good atm!

The cravings have been so mild, from the purer rolling tobacco I think...Only thing is the mental associations that will be hard to break, smoke with this, before this, after this etc...Just gonna take it easy for a while! I don't drink or go out much, so I will be concentrating on associating things with other things and reprogramming by "habits" I actually think the "routine" is harder to break than the "addiction".

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