Saturday, August 11, 2007

Laid back

Bit more pleasant this relaxed lark.

In 30days it will be 12months since the car turned a wheel! Thats pain.

I have completely forgotten whats it like to drive! I know it was lovely to drive at the end, so nothing should have changed :)

I am kind of hankering after my first run in with a fast car now :) Maybe a Porsche or something.

Not much planned this weekend.

Hopefully by the anniversary I can it mostly done.

Been trying to flog some old stuff on ebay, sold a few bits and bobs, kind of nice to exchange old gear for new gear with no wallet pain.

Would have nice to keep an account of the hours involved...Must be pushing a 1000. I don't keep any record of the costs or parts so no idea of the totals. Got about £400 worth of stuff left from the old engine setup I can sell, which should me through for the final parts.

Need a new windscreen, some polycarb for the hardtop screen, some paint, some tig-welding and some alloy, still need some VVC followers for the head...Exhaust needs making up. May ponder that option at the end as it will be the VERY last thing. May get this manifold adapted to a 4-2-1 and run longer pair of 2nd secondaries round the sill by the outrigger and go to 1 just after, or might not. Water rail still to make. Mostly just labour now.

I am awaiting a sudden urge of motivation. Not had much fun time this year its taking its toll I think, been in the garage since November, 24-7...Not even been out anywhere bar to get car related parts...Sad innit :) Hopefully next year will be more exciting. Atleast the car should be so ballistic I won't be full chat everywhere, so it should stay in one bit :)

I might russle up some funds and piss off to the pacific for 2months next winter, maybe Jan and Feb. Be nice to get away from cars, kind of unsettled atm.

I intend to do more Triumph Club stuff next year, so watch out! I just don't seem interested unless I can arrive in one and leave in one.

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