Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monkey see monkey do.

A quaife diff to go in.
Brackets now fitted and body reattached to the chassis. No way to get the brackets in without undoing all but the front two body bolts, cause the guy who built the car used no packers at the back, so it wasn't case of removing the packers and sliding the brackets in. The tub is pretty stiff with the cage in, the door gaps didn't wander and there was noticeable flexing.
Nowt much room but it goes on.
Have to await on the rest of the stuff to return from being made to fit together etc before I can make any hardware to bolt it all up.
Cleaned up ready for some covers. The stonechip stuff is a little brittle and used prolifically, just flat paint is better, as you can wipe it down and polish it etc..
Oh and few spacers needed adding in to other mount points as there was airspace and it's better to pack the body properly than just screw it down and load all the mount points. The job of fitting brackets took rather longer than it should!

Next up the radius arm brackets...Being as these appear to just be spotted in a few places and bolted through the floor from the factory I shall probably just bolt them to the body on numerous M6 bolts.

Have some new 3 hole rotoflex wishbone brackets to fit to the chassis....Depending on how they fit, I could be tempted to make something else, rather like a front wishbone bracket, that can be shimmed out to adjust camber, as TLD's suspension idea has, as expected, no camber adjustment, so the ability to adjust it, could be useful. That just involves adding some tubes inside the chassis rails to stop crushing, and knocking to two brackets.

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Anonymous said...

"I shall probably just bolt them to the body on numerous M6 bolts"
or 1/4" UNCs even?