Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What a marathon, shagged.

Floors now one colour. That took all weekend. It's not perfect, I had some reaction in a few places and had to change approach, but its ok. The actual floor pans will be carpet covered anyways. Well the flat bottom areas atleast.
The paintwork was in a hell of a state, full of carbon and metal dust. I mean its been under the hammer for 2years almost, been covered in masses of nasty dust.

As such before I build this car for the final time it needs to be free from all traces of anglegrinder deposits etc. These just go rusty and scratch everything, the paint needed some love. As such an 18hr polishing session ensued.

This involved gently wiping down every piece of visable metal and paint.

Then using some relatively gentle hammerite thinners and wiping down everypanel with a soft cloth (or 10)...My 2pack paint is fine for running thinners over. This deep cleans the surface and gets off old road film and the remains of the dust. After a final clean up the panels are nice and smooth and no scratches as such.

Then all panels were cut with G3 and then thinned again to get the G3 off and remaining deposits.

Then the panels were treated to two coats of Collinite 476s Wax.

All paintwork now gleams, from the cabin to the scuttle, to the doorshuts.

Worth the effort, car looks brand new again.
Wheels were just filth, covered in 6years of brake dust and carundum. So they got the same process.

This is a real mine-stone. I just need to slap some blackpaint inside that new gearbox tunnel hump and repaint the oversprayed chassis legs near by. I can then get the engine in, have a reshuffle and get the engine back in Matt's for the final adjustments...

4 days solid? I am pleased as now I have basically all the elements in the equation, the car polished to perfection and ready for assembly, I feel releaved that some kind of end is in sight.

Really, its just a few small pieces and an exhaust.

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