Thursday, July 31, 2008


Had a productive evening yesterday.

Just need my swirl pot welded and pickup some more hose-clips I can add some fluid to the engine.
Some detail shots.
Water-rail all fitted and wiring on. Tell you, fitting stuff you made yourself is a pleasure, cause you pick it up and it fits?

Found a funny 1/2" bolt that fitted inside my recessed engine mount. So saved me sourcing a 1/2" UNF socket/allen bolt. Yes the exhaust manifold CAN be fitted without removing any parts, which is good, considering its pretty busy in this area. This didn't take 2 years for no reason!
These engine mounts will liven up the harmonic's through the chassis and tub I think. With the engine mounted and still on the crane, if you lift the engine with it bolted down to the chassis, the engine mounts move about 2mm then you lift the engine. This is good as my exhaust is not really setup for any major engine movements.

So all that is left is a few jobs...adjust this manifold. I will chop off the pipe exiting the collector, get a flange welded on, after sourcing some high quality gaskets from another car. I will make a pair of flanges...The exhaust section can then be added on to the manifold. This is not the final solution, but the easiest with my limited access to exhaust materials and bending.

The gearbox tunnel needs the exterior welding done.

Some work to be done to the front suspension, and I need some brakes, nothing major though, a few hours to get that done. I have interesting top-wishbones I got from GT6Mike (which reminds me I owe him some cash!)...I'll detail those some other time, I will not bother to mess with any of that stuff till all the elements of the equation are in place. I shall leave that till last..
About the same stage as I was back in 2006 :)

Come on a fair way since November 2006 :)
Better do some more on Matt's before he bludgens me to death...
I'll be a hell of relief to have this car back together, as well as a car for pleasure I want it as testbed for a few ideas I have.

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