Friday, September 19, 2008


Buggered my thumb yesterday :(

Did the same thing back in 2001. Bent my right thumb about 1-2" back from the furthest natural position, tearing the muscle or ligaments...really nice tearing / squelching noise.

Not nice! It took 2weeks to mellow out and 4months to fix last time!

I was travelling last time and pushing my rucksack onto the overhead storage on a train in Oz, similar thing this time, pushing something overhead.


Anyone used LED bulbs? Needed a new rear lamp bulb, so got two of these 380 style dual circuit LED's. Little bit brighter than the normal bulbs, they are meant to "last forever", they use basically no voltage and they react instantly. Funny you can slap the brake pedal and the normal bulb doesn't even light up by the time these have been on and off again.

Totally pointless "upgrade". They light up RED too.

Got my gearbox tunnel delivered yesterday by the welder, just need to finish it off and do a few final welds. I was informed my 4metre single length of alloy fuel pipe finally arrived at Mocal today, so after 4weeks I might be able to get that done. Leaving just the exhaust, mod the front bearing carriers and finally assemble the remains of the front suspension, weld up the seat belt bar. Could be run and MOT'ed then, would pass an MOT now.

Non essential jobs, finish the enginebay valances on the other side, clean up the valances and tunnel and paint them.

Now have all the hardware cleaned up to get Matt's bonnet on. See a bit more of this car on the blog when it moves on slightly into plumbing and anything more interesting, which pretty imminent. Be nice test the PRRT stat and cooling system on mine before making any final choices.

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