Monday, September 15, 2008

Rolling Rolling

Brakes filled and working, pedal feels about the same before.
Fitted the windscreen. Went well, messy, used some 3M sealer. Reused the old seal. Couldn't have done a nicer job, took ages though.
Car has rolled about a little, did poke it nose out the garage yesterday.
Didn't have a finisher strip so I used a piece of black 4.5mm o/d cable. Worked REALLY well! Far better than the chrome strip!
Obviously finished off the brake pipes etc. Going to switch back to 5/8th rear wheel cylinders, so will have to just swap those and rebleed the back.

Not sure what to make of the rear end seeming really low, considering the roof is off, no fuel and it was as low as it would be loaded up when last used. Thats after rolling is back and forth...

Maybe the spring has settled a little bit in 2 years of sitting. Anyway, I moved the spring up 1inch to the middle position in my 3 hole rear uprights. This raises the back a little and should be back where it was when the tracking was done, or near by. Ideally could use a hole in the middle of the middle and lower...typical.

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