Sunday, December 28, 2008


Starting with something good.

My belt bar. Perfect!
Last of OE trackrods to fit on the "infidel" on the other side of the garage.
After much much hassle with "work" ~ " muppet assembly" done by the previous idoit I got a working steering rack, the roll-bar on. God what hassle. Took 3x longer than it should, thats the story of this car.

You know I added up the labour on my car otherday...@ £25 per hour it's had £90,000 worth of labour on it.
Had to have the steering column in and out 3x to sort out the total mess he made of anything related to anything relating to everything thats on this car. Every time I unbolt something the bolts are welded in, there's stripped threads, threads full of paint, 20x layers of paint slapped all over tolerance surfaces...There really is ONLY one answer for this car, if it was mine anyway, crush it, or seriously, strip the thing down completely and rebuilt it properly.

Everything I touch is bodged...I go to remove the door striker plate earlier, guess what, metric screws in the holes and the threads are all manged.

I am sick of it! I only have to put a finger on it and I get depressed. Lucky only a few more days of pain and undoing "work" "destruction" by some other person and it'll be gone.

Things are taking longer than planned, which is good for bank balance, but bad for my will to live.
Few examples of what I mean. Why rewire the car but leave on the "melted and hardened" wires from the steering column switches? Red and blue one is smelted.

Below is another example of a "idoit" engineering.
Shot blasted, then powdercoated, great, left the bare metal bit dry and I had to heat it up to redheat to unstick it to actually fit the steering column joint or make the two piece column come apart! That was steering removal one.
Also the powdercoating hadn't been removed the column extension part was jammed on the powdercoating cause some twit has just "hammered" it into place cause it was tight...Tight cause it was full of powdercoating, so the column wasn't adjustable...Why fit this stuff to a car before you have done the basics? Tart up job, this car is a nightmare. Above shows this resolved and checked to work before fitment number two.
Above shows the column back out again after checking it all fitted...Above shows the "bare metal" that was brown with rust before, this has been "blued" to stop corrosion and heat sealed and lubed up. As it should be!

Blueing in progress above.

Also why on earth do you fit the steering column with the splines all full of muck and powdercoating, again above shows the end heated with a blow torch and wire brushed so it's actually in a fit state to mate to the column joint.

What an idoit. Everything on this car needs stripping down and redoing, the builder was a total and utter idoit.

I also had to "recut" or "reslot all the splines with a grooving tool as some idoit, probably the other bloke wacked it in and damaged the first 2mm of the splines last time the joint was fitted.
This is how it was, I assumed it was knackered as there was no way it was gonna fit the column joint.

Load's of "spaghetti" or mindless snake charming to do under here.....?

After roughly 6hrs of toil and trouble I did 2hrs of work, 3-4hrs sorting work of such a low standard, basically just fitting the rack and roll bar.

I'd rather work on a "wreck" than something thats so badly put together.

Also wasted more time rethreading some other messed up cross threaded bolts...

Some people SHOULDN'T be let near a car, the bloke who built this was a PERFECT EXAMPLE.

Tomorrow I will strip the uprights, wash out the "shat" used to fill the wheel bearings and assemble the front suspension. Also clean up the upright that was chopped, paint that and refit it. Then the front can sit on it's wheels again and I can busy on the back-end. Then it can roll out the garage and leave for a new life elsewhere, probably driving everyone who comes into contact with it total nuts.

I am determined to "debodge" atleast some of this car!

Last time I get involved with this type of car. It drove the last builder nuts, it's driven me nuts and it's time for it to drive someone else nuts.

I can't say a good word about ANYTHING on it, sorry Matt! We'll settle up when you collect it.

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