Monday, December 08, 2008

Poor Jony :)

Giving the kid a hand to build a stonker 2000cc 6cyl, he was here today and we inspected all the parts.

Bless his little heart he gave me a head, cam, valves, crank, valve springs. Witor valves which are not ideal, too penny on a stick and not enough shape off the stem towards the seat, exhaust valves look"better" though.

Head suffers from massive core shift, so is NOT suitable for any performance work, it's REALLY bad, it'll loose him 10-15HP I think, 2-2.5mm of shift!! instead of compremising his entire engine I told him to find another one, also crack between 1 cyl valves.

You need to start on a GOOD basis to get power! I don't wanna work with junk.

I also told him the cam was rubbish and he took that away, measured it and it's all over the place, Piper grind 300deg.

So the hunt begins for a NICE head, cam of less duration, crank was ok, but it maybe cheaper to buy a new one, nitride or turtride once material is assessed.

Engine will run Emerald ECU and fuel injection.

Also on the hunt for some decent pistons such at Toyota etc. Be nice to make a 2150cc engine etc.

I am honest about this, I won't work with scrap...You wanna a job done, do it once, and right!

Not very productive then, I gave him a lesson or two, so he can source some better parts...Education of people is important, informed people bring you decent stuff to work with?! Secrets help noone!

I really want to make a monster. I was hoping to get started on the the bits are shelved for now.

Been a busy few weeks, I haven't sat down hardly.

Need to finish of the Spitfire in the garage and get it on it's wheels and get that away while it's owner sorts out the exhaust, maybe that could come back at some point.

Then I am clearing the garage out, sorting some new shelving and benches and getting it cleaner than a surgery room.

Hopefully I'll be free to kick off next years plans in mid Jan.

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