Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Daily Musing

First of 2 pairs of carbs for some 1500/1300 Triumphs left today.

Set of DHLA40E's for Toby. Comes with a lifetime quarantee, honestly....

Odd job, refacing some Ferrari 308 discs. Warped to buggery and grooved up.
I am just about at that stage I can devote a week to this Spitfire below. Then the owner can have it back for a period or perminantly. Trying to find a mobile TIG welder atm to come and do some jobs, pain the arse.

Once that is done I can clear out.

Had a manic couple of weeks sorting out all remaining stuff I need to do before I gut the garage and get ready for next week.

Had a nice 8hr chat with GT the other day which will lead to some interesting developements in the very near future. None of which involve dealing with massive brainchewing projects.

I am currently changing my business arrangements in light of next years plans, sticking loads of time into that.

Also I have been looking at some cars and trying to find another one in the next few weeks. Thats time consuming. No Poker for 3 weeks :)

Infact I been in bed at 4am and up at 9am for two weeks I am buggered. Bar last Sunday when I slept for 12hrs.

Aim this week is to find a mota, do some more business bits, packup everything related to that Spitfire and tidy up a bit and next week I hope bar one set of carbs (2days solid work) I have nothing on the boiler. I want this Spitfire gone ASAP but I don't want to be distracted once I get on it. I hope a week solid should get the back-end finished. Life would be alot easier if TLD sent more than a few parts he got from Canley.

Also it would be easier if Canley actually fitted the wheel studs not just poked them in the holes...I gotta take the bloody hubs apart to press the studs in, can't wind the bastard in cause they are tight as a nun's watsit, the whole idea of sending this stuff back there was to save hassle...I give up! I try hard not be too critical, but what can you do when your opinions are constantly compounded.

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