Sunday, February 01, 2009

More running

Totally complete bar the exhaust. Everything works fine, perfect, not a single snag.
Wanged this on to quiet it down :)

Bit more tuned and fettled. I have given the cams about 15mins @ 2250rpm.

Next run I will lower it to idle speed and tune the idle mixture. I then await an exhaust and I can see how it idles...Might have to play with the exhaust cam timing a bit, cause I like to see the results of stuff, it helps you learn and understand and gives you knowledge, I can get a handle on something I have never done before...? I set it to what it should be from the pipercams book, but the compression, exhaust, carbs make it no more than a guess really, the spec is not "normal". I doubt it will be hard to setup.

Engine sounds strong, very smooth and low vibration. Plenty of compression.

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