Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Beast is done!

Well all the fab and pain is over.

If you want the full down on my exhaust fun there is a thread on the forum called the "the crazed spitfire.

Remade the short pipe off the collector from some 2.5" and as detailed on the forum VASTLY improved the constriction at the end of the collector where it means the main pipe.
Plenty of work into this, but it's all there now. Just needs a few more tack welds and take it off and send it for TIG.

Really it's perfect, millimetre perfect in everyway, its worked out really well. Labour involved is unbelieveable!

Finished the silencer too, welded, constructed, packed and fitted ready to run...
Need to paint the manifold or get it coated, then it's just a matter of slitting one join pipe for a clamp, final polish and sticking some sealer on and clamping it up.
Need to get my engine bay valances coated too and fit those, I DO want it all done before it leaves the garage. There are some small jobs like welding in a lamdba sensor boss and sorting an airfuel gauge first, I want to see whats cooking with the engine from the offset.
Bit more fettling on the ignition and carb front before I drive it also...

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