Thursday, February 05, 2009

This and That.

Now really running out of evening jobs.

Fitted the brake pad retaining pins and rattle plates.
Cleaned my front wheels and waxed them. Stuck some CV2 grease on the studs and torqued the nuts down to 68nm.

Got under it with a torch and really really looked hard to find any weaps or leaks and found none.

Slight petrol wiffage in the boot if you leave it closed, so removed the pump and resealed the NPT connections with epoxy. Wasn't quite happy with my Metro fuel sender, on the empty there is an 8litre reserve, so adjusted the sender, by benind it a bit, yet to recheck it.

I have all the parts for the exhaust, bar the V-band clamp (out of stock).

The place made a hash of the pipe I had made, however with 2.25" removed from before the sill 90deg bend it will fit perfectly after some adjustments.

This bit is fine.
Silencer skin is off being TIG'ed, should get it back tomorrow I can assemble the silencer over the weekend and weld the pieces needing joining.

Sorted the crankcase breathers by running them into the filter backplate. No oil will come out anyway.

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