Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lightweight Bonnet

Weighed the old bonnet @ 38.5 kilos.

The new one weights in @ 13.5kilos bare...

I expect 0.8kilos per bonnet tube, 1.5kilo in fittings, rod ends for front pivot, grilles, catches, screws, plastic light bowls will be under 750grams for 2, lights 1 kilo each?.....dunno maybe I can get the whole bonnet under 20kilos...

18-19kilos saved could be worse, most saving is right on the nose also, which is a good, think I can save a bit more on the front pivots, alloy brackets etc.

Saved 1kilo changing my radiator...I was after a saving of 25kilos in this go, I need to find another 3kilos?

Few pics of the T6 bonnet, fits well I think, not that I am too worried, its good enough by the look of it...

Made the bonnet vents from an old front grille Spit Mk3.

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