Sunday, December 04, 2005


Should work, need to get some pop rivets! It's bolted through the sump on 3 bolts to mount the brackets that hold the plate in location...I made some tiny wennie copper washers to on the outside under the hex bolts.

Just need to clean the sump up by blasting it and then paint it! Another job done.

Baffle is a pretty tight fit on the sump sides, its surge I am trying to get rid off. As you can see I added a 2nd baffle which sits about 3-5mm from the bottom of the sump and should stop slosh and control the movement of the oil in the sump directly around the pickup, reducing surge yet again.

Making an alloy engine back plate also. Dead easy with a jigsaw and some drills, using the old one as a template. The front is taken care of. 4kilo total saving.

These weight reductions are becoming hard to find now. 4kilos is alot, the car is bare! I was going to make an alloy alternator bracket, just a block of alloy cut to rough shape and drilled as per normal one, theres a 300-400 gram saving.

Since stripping the car its really shown how much weight just cains performance and road holding.

Only obvious items for weight saving are alloy hubs and calipers what 12kilos?, could save a good 3kilos switching to fuel injection with some nicely hacked Dellorto bodies.

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