Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Continued Mincing about..

Not much to report.

Spent evening sanding down new ford valve collets so they don't riggle on the valve stems and so they just "kiss" when fitted, guess it increases the seated area and strength of the caps and collets deeper fit, should be standard proceedure but usually overlooked!..Got all the valve caps heights the same this time, well the 5 i got done.

Had to press my valve guides down by 2mm to ensure clearance on the 1.75 rockers..! Plays to test this with a dial gauge before sticking it all together!...I can know take 0.570 lift before the caps hit the guides...I need at max of about 0.497" for the 1.75rockers...

Lapped the valves in, technically not needed with a serdi job and recut valves?

Wasted too much time fiddling with a software engine dyno, which is very good!

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