Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beauty and the Beast! EWP Manifolds.

How to make a nifty simple in and outlet manifold for EWP use.

Two flared pipes 1 and 1/4" O/D..., a sheet of piece of high grade alloy 4.5mm alloy. Although looking flat the piece needed 30mins of planishing to remove a low spot...I stopped planishing just after the pic below, when the gasket areas were all polished flat leaving only the low area in the opening area for the water holes. Finger ache!

Flared pipes cut down to the required length....The right samco 90bend pipe goes under the left....so they cross....hense one is shorter than the other!

In location for welding. Top pipe has a small inclination -upwards.

Don't think the water holes should be max sized, the pump needs something to fight against. The hole here is about the size of the original thermostat opening with the stat open....Edges smoothed on the holes, can always open it out?!

Just needs welding 94grams for the alloy one (thought it would be more!)....400 for the gastly old thing!

Beauty and the beast! Need to address the alternator mount next. Can get some made from Alloy on CNC ££££.

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