Friday, July 28, 2006

Ferrari Fun!

A Proper Car! Ferrari 308 GTB. Note cricket fans number plate. E-By-Eck.

Magnum style.

Bit I like. V8 quad cam -revs to 7750 and makes a truely wicked noise. Its a mates Dads, the carbs need a quick in-situ rekit and then synchronisation. I'd take them off and completely overhaul them but would be looking at a weeks work I guess! Its a pretty complex rig. Lots of linkages and levers etc. Quad DCNF 42's on 32mm chokes. Its got some low end fluffy cause they are not balanced and float levels have slipped. I got the carbs done today just need balance them at idle and then at 1500rpm, two different states of balance, idles nicely now, but the off idle lever synchronisation is a bit off...I can't use the manometer on these carbs as there are no takeoffs without modifying them, so tomorrow will arrive an SK-1 airflow meter and I can finish the job. Engine shakes and pops a bit off idle the economy has slipped as a result. I moved the float levels from 48mm to 50mm on recommendation from Ferrari experts as Weber actually stopped advising 48mm a few years after it was made. The car has some natural idle bog on steep slops as a result and also some cornering fluff, atleast when his son drives it 8-)

I have been driven at great speed in it a couple times, what an awesome machine, the ride poise, mid engined balance and overall package are superb, one of the best all round Ferrari's...I seem to remember it being on a full turn of opposite lock in one corner after some excess throttle use!...Gille Villeneuve rated is as his favourite company car!

Last model of Ferrari on carbs too, the later 308 quad cams has nasty injection!

This is a used Ferrari, no polishing, done 80,000kms and gets used daily in summer.

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