Friday, May 04, 2007

One job ends another starts!

Got my block finished. Not ideal as I dropped it off at a place I hadn't used before...When you give a well made piece of precision engineering to someone, you might atleast expect them to hold in a vice using alloy jaws? No such luck, the penis viced my gasket face. He also managed to drop it and damage the seat area on one take off adaptor...Took me 2hrs to planish the marks out and fettle the seat area with engineers blue and a tool I made...Anyway its done...I could have slapped the bitch who abused my fine engineering...What a spud. Even had the cheek to ask me for some cash, to which my reply started in F and ended on F and consisted of two words.
Good welder but what a wa*ker. Its shaped like it flows oil/liquid with flat sufaces to mate against other flat surfaces cause its a precision item, how DARE YOU crush my baby in a vice you cack handed bastard!

Thats better. I had a nice day in the sunshine, seeing the bloke about more CV adaptors and a few other ideas then some monkey pisses off.
I will be moving the passenger side rack mount over about 1/2" it then clears my oil line better. Also I will be packing the rack up another 6mm. My measurements for the oil adaptor/block design were mm perfect. The lines now clear the rack by 3mm, or go either side by 3mm clearance with the rack in the raised position, perfecto.
This makes the rack arms perfectly flat by moving the rack upwards more..So no bump steer, or totally minimised anyway...Another small handling / precision and ride quality/stablity gain.
Block in its final home.
Kind of glad that jobs done, next job is out with the white paint and brush and mark everywhere on the chassis and turrets that need minor dressing back, no more than 5mm here and there, but many trims I must make, or probably many lump hammer adjustments!
Need to find some longer U bolts...If you want a kit to raise the alloy rack mounts and level your steering rack so the arms are better aligned on "lowered" cars to the main tube drop me an email the geometry goes to pieces when lowered... I should have a batch of U bolts and spacers/packers in the next few weeks.

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